11 Responses to Ami

  1. Rina Takeshita says:

    Dear Ami:)
    You are very cheerful and kind to everyone, and very very funny, especially when you are drunk haha! I like your personality very much. Also, I respect you because you have a big dream. I have kind of the dream, but I already gave up, so your dream gave me a little cheer. I want to talk with you more about lot of things:) I hope we can hang out with each other again:)

  2. micahpexa says:

    Ami- I love your energy and personality! You are such an easy-going and happy-go-lucky person. You are amazing. I really enjoy seeing your smile and especially hearing your laugh everyday! Your energy brightens my world. Keep shining your light wherever you go! It has been wonderful meeting you and getting to know you these past 2 terms! Thank you for your constant effort, hard work, and especially great and positive attitude!!! Keep in touch and good luck! Aloha.

  3. Lee Hye Young says:

    Ami has happy virus. She is very nice to everybody and make smail. Also she is really fasionable so I didn’t know her real age. I like to hear that she always saying “My hobby is dringking!”

  4. Kaiko Arai says:

    Amiiiiiiiiiii 😉 i really like to say hello to you, because i love your smile!! its so cure <33 and when i talk to you, i always can see that you are enjoying your life. thats why i say hello to you all the time kkk also i really respect you that you have a great dream in your future!! its great point of you, i think ;))

  5. Shino Kawaguchi says:

    Amisansan! first I like your hair. I like your personality. your way of thinking is very easy going like me! haha also your English is pretty good! I hope you can live in NY and enjoy!

  6. TATSUYA YANO says:

    Ami! Nice hair color !!!hahaha When I saw you for the first time, I thought “I want to dye my hair like you”haha and also you are very fashionable and funny:) I heard you really like drinking ,so I wanna drink alcohol from the bottle hahaha

  7. Nishijima Kazuhiro says:

    Ami, I can’t forget the first discussion with you. you say Japanese women’s traditional work is bunny girl. haha! You are so funny, and so kind for all of the people.

  8. Anna Kakimoto says:

    Ami san^^ You are so kind and your smile is wonderful. And thank you for helping me when I was looking for apartment. I want to talk to you more. so, Let’s hang out sooon! I’d like to talk over a cold beer. Wine is also fine. hahaha.

  9. Yui Kohno says:

    Hi Ami!
    You are always smiling and laughing. I like your smile:) And you are very active about studying. You don’t hesitate to say your opinion. That’s really nice!!
    I know you like drinking very much, but, please do not drink too much alcohol. lol

  10. Ayaka Wada says:

    you are very kind and cute. when i came the class for the first time, we could same classes and you help me a lot. also you are always smiling and i like it. thank you so much;)

  11. yuka says:

    Hi Ami,
    you’re my bad friend, boon companion, true friend:) I really like you’re optimistic and considerate of the others:) Your existing make me happy:) That’s why honestly I always enjoy to hang out with you!! Thank you for everything:)

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