11 Responses to Anna

  1. Ami says:

    It a common scene that Anna is studying very hard any time when I see her. moreover she is awesome because she can speak korean also. I want to follow her as she does.

  2. Rina Takeshita says:

    Dear Anna:)
    You always keep smiling and really kind to everyone. Also, I’m very impressed with Korean skills! How smart you are?! Because you can speak Japanese, Korean, and English!!! Moreover, you wrote an essay about your career. It said that you have met with LG’s president or CEO and taught Japanese to them. I really respect you:) Please teach me Korean and talk about your great career experience again!

  3. micahpexa says:

    Anna- It has been great having you in my class and getting to know you this term. I really enjoyed watching 12 Years a Slave with you. Thanks for coming! I love your constant effort in class, as well as your calm and positive presence. You have a lot of passion about language study, and I know you will do well and achieve your dream of studying at UH. Thank you for being a great student and a great person! Aloha.

  4. Lee Hye Young says:

    When I talk with Anna I feel very comfortable. She is older than me so she is very nice to me and if I am sick she worry about me sincerly. Also she speck Korean very well!!! I really like her!

  5. Shino Kawaguchi says:

    Annasaaan! I’ve always thought you are college student! You are always smile, and kind, I like that. Also you are sincere to studying. you are so smart and your English is pretty good! you can speak Korean! that’s awesome!!

  6. Kaiko Arai says:

    Annaaaaaaaaa <33 as you know, i love you so much!!!!!! lol you are such a woman who is hard studying. however, you are not a person who is seriously about only study, but you enjoying have fun with your friends 😉 i quite like your life style, the way you think and so on. finally, i respect you sooooooooooooo much because you are really great woman!!

  7. TATSUYA YANO says:

    Anna is actually so smart because she can speak not only English but also Korea! I was very surprised when I looked at you because you speak Korea and your good point is having good opinion for studying!

  8. Nishijima Kazuhiro says:

    I respect Anna because she is challenging a lot of thing. She can speak several language, and she learn with enthusiasm. Also, she listen to everyone’s talk.

  9. Yui Kohno says:

    Hi Anna,
    You are a really good student! You always try to do and learn something new. 🙂 And I was surprised to hear that you were talking in Korean. I think I should study hard like you.

  10. Ayaka Wada says:

    i did not know about you before this semester, but i know how you are studying hard so much. you always trying to speak in English and improve it. also you are always smiling and make me happy during the classes;)

  11. yuka says:

    Hi Anna,
    I really like your character in paticular honest and diligent.
    Because I know you always study at lounge before and after lessons and sometimes ask somebody. You also try to speak English anytime:) That’s why I respect your strong will:) Thank you make me motication to work:))

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