11 Responses to Ayaka

  1. Rina Takeshita says:

    Dear Ayaka:)
    At first, you seemed very quiet, but you always keep smiling and cheerful. Also, you are smart and serious to study! I respect you:) Moreover, I like your dream. I think you can be a good English teacher because your English skills are really good and pronunciation is also nice! I hope we can see each other in Japan again!

  2. Ami says:

    Ayaka is so cool. Im impressed her essay.
    she figure it out in no time and is fast-thinker.

  3. micahpexa says:

    Ayaka- Although quite, you are a very consistent and steady person. You bring a steady effort to everything you do in the classroom. I enjoy seeing your quiet smile, and I really appreciate your easy-going nature and positive energy. Best of luck in your future, Ayaka, and keep in touch. Aloha.

  4. Lee Hye Young says:

    When I see her she always eat something but she is still skiny. I think it’s nice thing to me. Also I like her English skill. When I read her essay her expression is really nice and fresh!

  5. Kaiko Arai says:

    Ayakaaaaaaa ;)) i quite like your English pronunciation!!!!! actually i always say this to other friends lol and then you are hard studying girl, but also enjoying hang out, so thats really nice XD

  6. TATSUYA YANO says:

    Ayaka is cool woman! you sometimes look like sleepy like me haha I was surprised at your English pronunciation ! it’s damn nice! I wanna talk with you in English~ Could you teach me English pronunciation ?haha

  7. Shino Kawaguchi says:

    Ayakachaaan! I’ve always thought you are so smart.while reading circle, always your question and answer is very excellent. I’m gerous you are so skinny! haha Your English is also excellent

  8. Nishijima Kazuhiro says:

    Ayaka, I had already known about you before I came here, but I amazed at you after I came to Hawaii. You are so positive, and smiling lots. Also, you are so kind because when you were with kids, you taught their homework and you talk so kindly. Thank you for giving me a fun time in Hawaii!

  9. Anna Kakimoto says:

    Ayaka chan:-) You are cute and kind. Thank you for helping when I couldn’t explain my English book well in English. You’ve been very helpful. I wish I could read English faster like you. Now, I’m trying to read English book. Thank you for everything:-)

  10. Yui Kohno says:

    Hi Ayaka!
    You are very smart person:) I like your English pronunciation and your smile.
    Sometimes you look sleepy or bored, but when you went to cafe or found something cute, you looked really happy and exited. That’s sooo cute!!
    I’m really glad to be always with you in Hawaii.XD We have only 2 weeks, so let’s hang out more. And I hope I can talk to you and hang out with you a lot in Japan, too.
    Love you~ 😉

  11. yuka says:

    Hi Ayaka,
    I like your eating figure:) because I love to eat food! I also seem that you are imperturbable because I just feel you have strong faith:) So I’m really glad to become same class. Thank you for your existing:)

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