13 Responses to Ayuka

  1. Melanie says:

    Ayuka, it was fun having you in my reading circles and in the ted talks. I always found very interesting your personal thoughts and experiences that you shared. You a very nice person.

  2. Mako Sakimoto says:

    Every time I see you and talk with you, I always admire your wonderful talents.
    You have quite a lot of awesome talents for anything. I mean, you are very good at many things.
    You always do your best to do everything, listen to others very carefully, and have a tender heart.
    Your smile cheers everyone up. Really cute!
    Also I like your cute drawings, too. I was surprised at your awesome drawing in listening class.
    I’m fortunate to meet such a nice friend. I love you and wanna keep in touch with you in Japan!

  3. Katsunori Sakuho says:

    Hello Ayuka!! My image is that you’re always smiling during the break time and the classes. Smile makes us feel so happy, your smile is deeply impressed in my heart. It’s difficult to make smile from the bootom of our hearts. But you’re able to do it!! I’m able to learn an importance of smile from you.
    Thank you so much, Ayuka!!

  4. Princess_Haejin says:

    Hello Ayuka I am Haejin, we didn’t talk too much. When I saw you at first, I think you looks like Japanese manga character. You have a white skin, long black hair and cute face. You must be popular right? haha
    Have a huge luck in everything 🙂

  5. micahpexa says:

    Ayuka- It has been great having you in the class and getting to know you as a person. I really enjoyed watching 12 Years a Slave together. Thanks for coming! I really appreciate your effort and participation in my class. Good luck back in Japan. You will be missed! Aloha.

  6. Hiroka Ueda says:

    I didn’t konw you when we were in Japan, and this is the first class we are together. However, I think you are sincere and honest person. Also, you are reliable. Sometimes I asked you about homework or something, you taught me clearly and kindly. You are always kind and think about your friends. I like to talk with you. I want to hang out with you again when we go back to Japan!

  7. PLAI says:

    Ayuka- She very nice and sweet. i like to see her smile 🙂 she is good member when we do group work or group discuss and i impress she always help Japanese friend to understand English.
    Nice to meet you girl 🙂

  8. Q says:

    You make me remind of a cartoon character who has long legs and a cute face. You are a smart and kind person that I strongly believe a lot of people love to be your friend.

  9. Nabeshima Ryuji says:

    I know you are really good at draw a picture and the picture is so much fun. I can’t help laughing.

  10. Masaki Matsumoto says:

    Hi, I get know you from this term. But your characteristic is so friendly that I could be easy to talk with you. When I sit next to you several times, you always help me to understand class If i worry. And your smile makes us good mood.

  11. MisatoK says:

    Ayuka- I know you have good and sweet heart. I heard you worried about me at times from Love when I went dinner with people I don’t know well. Thank you for being nice to me, who am so stupid.

  12. Takuto Kawahara says:

    Hi, I think you are so kindness and friendly. In addition, you are really earnest. Your reading circle was so fantastic.

  13. Chikage Ota says:

    Hi Ayuka. I haven’t known you long time we are same university and major though. I think you talk mildly. every time I talk with you, I feel comfortable. Also, you have really long legs. I really envy you because i am small lol Anyway, I like your talking and voice. thats so pretty

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