Homework #3- The 3rd Level

Please post a short paragraph telling me the main idea of our 2nd short story, “The 3rd Level.” Thanks!


26 Responses to Homework #3- The 3rd Level

  1. Q says:

    I think, people unconsciously think about their dream jobs which can be accomplished in the real current life. At the same time, people miss a certain type of old life styles. People miss the old days and former places. We are surrounded by high-tech electronic devices and countless information. Surely they took over many chores. But our lives are unprecedentedly busier. Most importantly, we feel isolated.
    At the end to the story, Sam was the one who went back to his dream old days and dream former place. Ironically, not Charley, who actually found the third level and told Sam how beautiful Galesburg was in 1894. In our lives, it happens too. It looks like someone, not me, is always in good fortune.

  2. Princess Haejin says:

    When i read this story, i thought this story is just about some lunatic’s mono drama. Because as you did, i studied vocabulary,”psychiatrist” before the reading. But it was not.
    To summarize as one sentence, this story is about finding the existence of the third level at the Grand Central. The main character of this story is Charley. (Haha too short?)

  3. Takuto Kawahara says:

    This story’s main character “I” went to the third level at Grand Central Station in New York. But everybody did not believe it because there are only two levels at the station. In addition, “I” had a problem in his mind, so his psychiatrist friend said that his experience at the third level is like a waking-dream. But he remembered very clearly about the place. The place looked like eighteenth or nineteenth century, and he saw a paper written “The World” which have been stopped to publish for long time. After back home, he knew about the paper, which published on June 11, 1894. He thought it was not dream and wished to go to the place again, but he could not go. Several days later, he found an old letter at his home. The letter was written by “Sam” on July 18, 1894. After reading the letter, he was satisfied that the experience at the station was true because the letter said about the third level and written by “Sam”. Sam was his psychiatrist.

  4. ayuka0919 says:

    I think this story’s theme is that you can’t go back to the past if you desired strongly.
    In this story, Charley lives in sorrow of the wars . And he wanted to escape from reality, but his wife doesn’t want that. He could stay on just his desire, however his friend Sam couldn’t.

    It’s difficult to understand. But interesting.

  5. Katsunori Sakuho says:

    One day, main charactor Charley, who’s an ordinary guy, had a strange experience the the third level at Grand Central Station. Charley felt that he was back to the 1890’s. In the 1890’s, he still remained the good old days in his heart. Charley tried to go to the third level again, but he couldn’t. After that, Charley told his wife Louisa the real story, he stopped thinking about it. One day, his friend, Sam Weiner who’s Charley’s psychiartist, disappaered. In addition, Charley found the envelop that sent to his grand’pa and read it. This paper said that it was a good period in 1890’s and the note was signed his friend, Sam. Through Charley’s experience at the third level and this paper, Charley, Charley’s grand’pa, Louisa and Sam recalled their good old days in the 1890’s.
    But Charley shouldn’t look back on the past and escape the reality surrounded by his environment, he should look to the future. If Charley refuses to look to the forward, he’ll escape the reality while living in his life. In my opinion, I think this story gives us a message to know an importance of not escaping the reality I’m in the situation now.
    11/18/2013 Homework  「The Third Level」

  6. Melanie says:

    There is place called “Grand Central Station” that supposed to have just 2 levels, but actually it has a third one too. Charlie, occasionally is going to find out that there’s another world on that third level instead of going back home, cause he decided to get the subway instead; it’s a time portal. We are talking about the 1890’s. Where the place seems perfect, according to the author. The main character doesn’t believe just hypothetical of the existing of the third level but he says that he has been there. His friend psychiatrist Sam says to Charlie thinks that he wants to escape from fear and from real life, but at the end of the story, Charlie finds a letter written by Sam. A letter from the 1890’s.

    • Melanie says:

      I want to add that I think we should appreciate all the things that we have now. It’s always going to be scary as we move on, cause we don’t know what to expect. But I would love to go back in the old days and see what is it like…However, there are always going to be obstacles through life, but obstacles are made to overcome.

  7. Hiroka Ueda says:

    The main character, Charley, and his psychiatrist friend, Sam, experienced something strange. One summer night, Charley finished his work and he wanted to go back his home. He decided to take the subway instead of the bus because he thought it was faster. He went to Grand Central Station. He found the third level even though it has only two. It is a large, complicated station, so he got lost. When he was in the corridor, it began to angling left and slanting downward. Then, he realized that he traveled back in time because people whom he saw are old-fashion, and he saw a newspaper which printed June 11, 1984. After his experience, Sam disappeared. Then, Charley got a letter from him, it said; he had been there for two weeks! Sam thinks it was a waking-dream with fulfillment. He also thinks the reason why these strange things happened is they just wanted to escape from reality because the modern world is full of insecurity, fear, war, worry and all the rest of it.

  8. Nabeshima Ryuji says:

    This story is about a weird incidence that the main character, an ordinary guy named Charley, experienced in the past. He wanted to get home to Louisa, his wife. On the way to his home, he sometimes thought Grand Central was growing like a tree. There was a tunnel. He thought the tunnel was weird and he saw a women walking though the train gate. He tried to find the corridor but he had never again found the corridor. Louisa was very worried about him and she didn’t want him to look for third level. However, he had to find it because his friend, Sam Weiner, disappeared. Finally, he could find Sam in 1894.

  9. Plai says:

    The third level is the story that talk about the man names Charley who found the tried level in Grand central.
    Actually, Grand central suppose to have just two levels. Charley can travel in time !!!
    When he realize that he in the past,he would like to buy ticket to Galesburg, the city that was wonderful town with big old frame houses, huge lawns and tremendous trees whose branches meet overhead and roof the streets. But he couldn’t do that because he doesn’t have old style money that they use in that time. So he got to currently time. After that he try to find the tired level again but never find it. He tell the story to his psychiatrist and his wife. Every body so worry about that.
    One day he look at his stamp collection and found the letter. The detail in letter is from Sam whose he always tell him about tried level. Sam said he found the tired level in Grand central and now he happy in Galesburg.

    This shot story is so funny and i enjoy it !
    The thing that i like in this story is the end of the story. It’s so surprised me that Sam is psychiatrist !! 😀

  10. Masaki Matsumoto says:

    One day, Charley who is ordinal person found the tunnel which leads to the third level at Grand Central Station when he was going back to home. Then, he found himself in coming in 1894. After
    getting out from there, he’ve never found it again though he tried many times. After that, he noticed that Sam who is his friend and also his psychiatrist disappeared. He was in 1894.

  11. Mako Sakimoto says:

    The main character, Charley, experienced a waking-dream wish fulfillment because he wanted to escape from the modern world where is full of insecurity, fear, war, worry and all the rest of it. One night he got lost at Grand Central and came out on the third level. There he found many things that looked old-fashioned and realized that he sliped back in time. After he came back to the real life, it was proved that the third level was actually there.

  12. MisatoK says:

    Charley believe there is third level at Grand Central Station, but nobody has never seen before. When he went to Third level, he found the news paper published on July 18, 1894 and he noticed this third level was different time. Third level was connected to Galesburg. Charley also found the letter from Sam written 2 weeks ago, Charley’s psychiatrist. Sam traveled Third level, the world goes on the same time on July 18, 1894, as well Charley.

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