13 Responses to Plai

  1. Melanie says:

    Hey girl!! It was great meeting you. We had a lot of good moments in class. You are a very fun girl to hang around with. You are a very pretty and smart girl, remember! I’m gonna miss you babe (now i have an excuse to come to Thailand) 😀

  2. Mako Sakimoto says:

    I like your charming smile and wonderful personality.
    Your smile is so cute that it cheers us up. Your smile can bright up the world around you.
    Also I like your all opinions you have.
    You always tell us your wonderful thought and awesome ideas.
    I really like listening to you because what you say is always fascinating to all of us.
    I also envy your nice style. You always wear cute cloths!
    I’m fortunate to meet such a nice friend. I wanna keep in touch with you even if we are in Thailand and in Japan!!
    Actually, I’m sure that I will go to your country in the near future!

  3. micahpexa says:

    Plai- Sawas Dii Kaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Plai, it has been wonderful having you in my classes for both of these terms. I was really happy to see you back in my classes this term. You always participate in the class and you bring a really nice energy and warm-heartedness to the classroom. I enjoy talking with you about Thailand- we rarely have Thai students here at HELP. I remember clearly meeting you for the first time for the speaking test last term. I hope to see you again in Thailand someday. Please keep in touch. Aloha.

  4. Q says:

    Personally, I love Thai people. As you know, one of my dearest friends is Thai. I think Thai people have a warm heart that they have ability to take good care of others. You are a lovely person and have a beautiful heart as your beautiful face.

  5. Katsunori Sakuho says:

    Hi Plai!! I didn’t have an oppotunities to talk to you. but I’m familiar with you. I went to Thailand to meet my friends this September, they always greet me with their smiles and ther’re always kind to me while staying in Bangkok. I love Thailand!! Change to the subject, when you speak your opinion each class, I’m deeply imressed by your English skills. There’re lots of things I’m able to learn from you. Thank you so much, Plai!!
    ※Incidencially, my friends are working for Marriot and Conrad in Bankok as a manager and a clerk.

  6. Princess_Haejin says:

    Your daily fashion makes my eyes enjoyable. haha What a fashionable girl! And your boy friend is so nice because I saw your boy friend drops you at HELP everyday morning. I envy you!!! Have a good relationship with your boy friend forever~~

  7. Hiroka Ueda says:

    I like your smile! I heard before that Thailand is a country of smile.Exactly!! Your smile is the best of all of HELP students and people I think. Since I met you, I really want to go to Thailand. Do you remember we went to the Thai restaurant together? I really enjoyed then. You are so pretty and cheerful girl. I like to talk with you. When I talk with you, you always give me energy. I want to keep in touch when we go back to our home country. Maybe I’ll miss you.

  8. ayuka0919 says:

    I always enjoyed watching your various fashion.
    You’re so good at teasing someone, I like it.
    Anyway, what I want to say most is,
    you’re not only cute girl, but also honest person.

  9. Nabeshima Ryuji says:

    I know you are kind person. When I was leader in reading circle and I had a trouble, you were kind enough to help me. I really appreciate you, thank you so much.

  10. MisatoK says:

    I was so impressed when i heard your story of meditation in Hawaii and I respect your spiritual mind and i feel i want to do meditation once. With you i really could enjoy talking because you gave me new things.

  11. Takuto Kawahara says:

    Hi, Plai. I did not have any chance to talk with you. But I think you are very earnest student in our class.

  12. Chikage Ota says:

    Hey PLAI !!!! you are my first friend who is from Thailand. you are my mom!!! lol you are really kind. I really like talking with you. I like Thaifood because you took me Thai food twice. I’m gonna take you Japanese food restaurant someday. Also, I’m gonna go to Thailand!! Thank you for everything!

  13. Masaki Matsumoto says:

    Hi, Play.
    I know you are smart and good smile everyday. And I feel you are kind when I was same discussion group as you. You always talk your opinion and hear everyone opinion. Thanks a lot.

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