RC #4- Group A (8:00am)


17 Responses to RC #4- Group A (8:00am)

  1. Q says:


    Please read the article, which is about “gay marriage in Hawaii”, and post
    one or two comprehension question(s),
    one or two disscussion question(s),
    two vocabulary words and
    two comments.
    Due date : Tuesday (Nov. 19)
    Mahalo! ^^

  2. Q says:

    * Vocabularies *

    1) pent-up adj.
    pent-up feelings are not allowed to be expressed or released
    Ex. Screaming at the top of your voice is a good way of venting pent-up frustration.

    2) culmination n.
    eventual conclusion or result
    Ex. Winning first prize was the culmination of years of practice and hard work.

  3. Q says:

    * Comprehension Questions *

    1) Which industry of Hawaii will get benefit from legalization of same-sex marriage? Why?

    2) In 1990, what event brought national discussion on gay marriage?

  4. Q says:

    * Discussion questions *

    1) Bible prohibits homosexuality. How do you think about this?

    2) Do you think legalization of same-sex marriage will lead to increase the number of AIDS patients?

  5. Princess Haejin says:

    1. Smattering: noun: a small, scattered amount or number.
    2. Gavel: noun: A small mallet used by a presiding officer or an auctioneer to signal for attention or order or to mark the conclusion of a transaction, a maul used by masons in fitting stones.

    Comp Q:
    1. How will be the Hawaii industry look like (from an estimate by a UH researcher)?
    2. What caused delaying of amendments?

    Diss Q:
    1. Fundamentally, for human, what can be caused being a homosexual?
    2. Someday, if your child in the future say, “Mom, I wanna show my lover to you today, but my lover is same sex with me.” How will you accept this situation?

  6. Masaki Matsumoto says:

    Comp Q: How many couples is predicted to marry by this law?

    Disc Q: Do you agree with this new law? Why?

    Vocabulary: honeymoon- a holiday taken by two who have just got married
    boost- to increase or improve something and make it more successful

  7. Chikage says:

    C: what would HAWAII benefit from pent-up demand for gay wedding?

    D: should gay wedding be allowed in your country? Does it concern with religion?

    V: gavel: a small hammer that the person in charge of a meeting and court of law hits on a table in order to get people’s attention
    Pent-up: feelings or energy have not been expressed or used for long time

    • Princess_Haejin says:

      I heard a rainbow is gay’s symbol. Also it’s Hawaii’s symbol.
      I think that’s why there are some festivals for gay in Hawaii.

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