RC #4- Group B (9:05am)


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  1. Anna Kakimoto says:

    Hello everyone,
    This article is about povety and educational problem.

    “Would $4,000 make poor children more clever?”

    Please read it and post your vocabulary, comprehension questions, discussion questions, and some comments.
    Have a nice weekend:-))

  2. Anna Kakimoto says:

    1) intervention: the act or fact of becoming involved intentionally in a difficult situation
    2) odds: the likelihood that a particular thing will or will not happen

    ●Comprehension questions
    1) What did Prof Duncan’s research? and what did he find out
    2) What subject US workforce had the lowest level?

    ●Discussion questions
    1) Do you think raising income can change family life and children’s progress?

    • Anna Kakimoto says:

      Sorry! I forget to post discussion question 2).
      2) What would be the best way to escape poverty?

    • yuka says:

      Thank you for sharing the good topic. Recently, I also read similar topic problem.. It’s serious problem in U.S. I like your discussion Q2!!

      • Anna Kakimoto says:

        Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you like it^-^ Did you read similar topic problem? I want to hear about that.

    • Yui Kohno says:

      Hi Anna! Thank you for choosing good topic. The article is hard to read and understand for me, but it is interesting. 🙂

      • Anna Kakimoto says:

        Hi, Yui! Thank you for your thoughtful comment!! I’m glad you liked it!! I’m looking forward to discussing about thiis topic ^^

  3. TATSUYA YANO says:

    Hi, Anna! Thank you for choosing the great topic! I really enjoyed reading because I could learn about poverty and its influences. It’s a little serious issue, I think. However, I also felt that we had to learn about that. It is good opportunity for us to learn. I think.

    • Anna Kakimoto says:

      Hi, Tatsuya! Thank you for posting! That’s a very kind comment for me. I’ll do my best to prepare reading circle. I hope that you can have a meaningful time.

  4. TATSUYA YANO says:

    * Vocabulary
    cognitive ; of or being or relating to or involving cognition
    allowance ; an amount allowed or granted

    * Comprehension Questions
    1) What is a poor girl more likely to do than her wealthier classmates?
    2) What’s the dominant influences on escaping poverty?

    *Discussion Questions
    1) How do you think if you were poorer than other students? Do you think that your education level is going to decline if you were such a serious environment ?
    2) If you were poor ,but wanted to get married with your partner , are you going to get married?
    How do you think that a young couple who graduated from their high school gets married soon?

    • yuka says:

      You really like this activity, don’t you? Becasue your discussion Qs are very interesting:) we want to discuss them quickly, don’t we? lol

      • TATSUYA YANO says:

        Actually, I really like Reading Circle. haha
        I wanna discuss about this article right now seriously. kkk

      • Yui Kohno says:

        I also think that Tatsuya really likes this activity. lol

      • Anna Kakimoto says:

        I’m sooo happy you guys enjoy the article. And thank you for making good comprehension questions and discussion questions! It’s great help^-^ and please help me when I am having trouble in reading circle class^^;;

  5. yuka says:

    * Vocabulary
    1) poverty: poor
    2) reduction; decline

    * Comprehension Questions
    1) Would $4,000 make poor children more clever? Why?
    2) What is the key point which children escape their poor life in their future? Why do you think so?

    *Discussion Questions
    1) what would happen if you took those poorer families and gave them money, real hard cash?
    2) if you are poor and does’n have enogh money which your children go to school, what do you do?

    • TATSUYA YANO says:

      Hi, Yuka.
      your two vocabularies are most important words. Thank you.
      I think that this article is little bit special because it has many questions.
      That’s why ,this is the article for discussion!! Your DQs are similar to mine.
      However, it is different the point of view. I like both.

    • Yui Kohno says:

      Hi Yuka. Your comprehension questions are really interesting, especially question #1. It is not only title of this article but also question about this article, and I need to read more to answer the question…

      • Anna Kakimoto says:

        Hi, Yuka! Thank you for posting useful vocabularies. And thanks for making good questions. I want to discuss your DQs with you guys. I also have to read more to answer the question^^;;

  6. Yui Kohno says:

    1) downward: moving to a lower level
    2) bracket: a group of people who are the same age, have the same income etc

    ●Comprehension questions
    1) What do children who are poor at the age of five tend to do?
    2) How does family structure affect income?

    ●Discussion questions
    1) Is it possible to get rid of earnings differentials? Why or Why not?
    2) If you were a poor, do you try do anything to get over it or do you do nothing?

  7. Anna Kakimoto says:

    Hi! Yui, Thank you for posting vocabularies and questions. Your both comprehension and discussion questions are simple and cleary. You are good at making question^^ Especially I like your CQ2) and DQ2).

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