RC#2- Group A (8:00)


16 Responses to RC#2- Group A (8:00)

  1. Princess_Haejin says:


    Hello, this is my reading article.

    I want you to read it
    and make comprehensionQs and discussionQs as before~!
    Happy Halloween:)


  2. Q says:


    1) contaminate : to make something less pure or make it poisonous
    Ex. The disease can be caused by a variety of viruses, bacteria, and other small organisms that contaminate food or water.

    2) persist : to continue to exist past the usual time, or to continue to do something in a determined way even when facing difficulties or opposition
    Ex. If the pain persist, consult a doctor.

  3. Q says:

    Comprehension question
    Which country has taken toward alternative energy instead of nuclear power?

  4. Q says:

    Discussion question
    In your personal life, how do you make decisions? Do you choose a way which is easy, quick and low cost but has not good effect for a long run, or difficult, slow and high cost but will be helpful eventually? Why?

  5. Princess_Haejin says:

    ##Comprehension Q :

    In this article, is there a person whose opinion is in the anti-nuclear? if so, can you tell the name of person or organization?

    ##Discussion Q :

    #1. What is your opinion about nuclear plants all over the world? Are you in the anti-nuclear plants or advocate that is safe?(-3-i can not make this sentence clearly haha if you have a time, help me..)

    #2. (For Japanese) After Fukushima disaster, we can heard about the voice of worrying at radioactive leaks since the disaster, are you sure that your country is safe?


    1) crippled – disabled
    2) subterranean – underground

    • Q says:

      I wonder how long and how much we can eat seafood.

      • Princess_Haejin says:

        Yes i am worried about it too.
        So in my opinion, all the world need to stop developing the nuclear plants.
        That’s too dangerous when the sudden disaster happened.

  6. Masaki Matsumoto says:

    ・Comprehension question
    Why official have criticize the announcement?

    ・Discussion question
    What do you think about that is it needed to eliminate nuclear plants? Why?

    ongoing-continuing or continuing to develop
    ardent-showing strong positive feelings about an activity and determination to succeed at it

  7. Chikage Ota says:

    comprehension : how many operational nuclear plants in U.S?

    Discussion: What do you think about nature disaster such as earthquake and tsunami. are you prepareing for the disaster?

    Vocabulary:diplomat-senior official who discusses affairs with another country on behalf of his or her own country,usually working as a member of an embassy
    contaminate-to make a place or substance dirty or harmful by putting something such as chemicals or poison in it

  8. Masaki Matsumoto says:

    Its important article for us to think about nuclear problem.

  9. Masaki Matsumoto says:

    In my opinion, we should stop using nuclear energy.

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