RC#2- Group B (8:00)


9 Responses to RC#2- Group B (8:00)

  1. Melanie says:

    Compr. Q: There are several ways to torment someone. Give some examples from the article.

    Discu. Q: How would be your reaction towards the school, if it would’ve happened to your kids?

    Vocabulary: harassment – to irritate or torment persistently
    alleging – to assert to be true, affirm

  2. Ryuji Nabeshima says:

    CQ: Who is Jaheem Herrera?
    What is the name of his elementary school?

    DQ: Have you ever seen someone who bullies other person? If you have seen, what did you do at that time?

    Voca: tease—— make fun of or attempt to provoke person in a playful way
    snitch—— steal and inform on someone

  3. PLAI says:

    comprehension Question
    What did the bullying did to the boys ?
    What is Masika Bermudez a lawyer for Atlanta resident plan to do? why ?

    discuss Question
    In the future if you have a kid how you can protect them from bullying?

    investigation = to try to find out the facts about (something, such as a crime or an accident) in order to learn how it happened, who did it, etc.
    nevertheless = in spite of what has just been said

    • Melanie says:

      Your discussion Q is very good. I am interested your idea. How would the people in your country behave, or what would they normally do?

  4. ayuka0919 says:

    Comprehension Q:
    What did the retire judge, Moor say about bullying?
    Is it hard to maintain anti-bullying system? How hard?

    Discussion Q:
    Do you think can we stop bullying at the school completely?
    What should children who bullied the boy do for him and his mother? What do you think?

    Torment ____ to make someone suffer a lot, especially mentally
    Prevalence ____ common at a particular time, in a particular place
    Taunt ____ to try to make someone angry or upset by saying unkind things to them
    Integrate ____ to become part of a group or society and be accepted by them

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