RC#2- Group B (9:05am)


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  1. TATSUYA YANO says:

    Hi,everyone,I’m Tatsuya. I’m sorry for the delay post 😦
    I chose the article about sleeping. I think it is the topic that helps to life efficiently!
    I hope you guys enjoy reading this article! Then, plz post your questions , vocabulary and your opinions if you have. Thanks.


  2. TATSUYA YANO says:

    Comprehension Question
    1) What are the effects of inadequate sleep ?
    2) Why is this article describe people who sleep insufficiently can be disastrous when operating a motor vehicle or dangerous machine ?

    Discussion Question
    1) What do you think how many hours we should sleep? Why do you think so ?
    2) What should we do in order to ensure adequate sleep?

    1) inadequate ; lacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task.
    2) disastrous ; having extremely unfortunate or dire consequences.

    • yuka says:

      Hi Tatsuya, I like your questions:) In my opinion, your questions are totally good question because I guess that these questions belong to writer’s intension:) But, I have only one question about Comprehension Q1. What is the intention of the question? I understood what do you want to say and answer, but my answer of which I bethinked is only one phrase or word.. I might not understand it well. so I want to know what your q’s purpose is.

    • Anna Kakimoto says:

      Hi, Tatsuya:-) I like your discussion question(1). I am curious how many hours a day do you guys sleep.

  3. Yui Kohno says:

    Hi Tatsuya. The article was interesting for me, thank you for choosing it. These are my vocabulary and questions.

    1) short-change: to treat someone unfairly by not giving them what they deserve or hoped for
    2) infection: a disease that affects a particular part of your body and is caused by a virus

    Comprehension Questions
    1) Why do people who have lack of sleep gain weight?
    2) What does brain do during sleep?

    Discussion Questions
    1) Do you think sleeping more than 8 hours is good? Why or why not?
    2) What do you do when you cannot sleep well or when you want to stay up late?

  4. yuka says:

    Hi Tatsuya, Thank you for sharing an interesting article:) When I read it, I want to show our teachers baceuse of too much HW!! lol

    1) adequate(adj): not enough, inadequate
    2) cardiovascular(adj): affecting the heart and blood vessels.

    Comprehension Questions
    1) If people didn’t get enough sleep night, What type of disease is caused in particular? Why?
    2) Why can people getting enough sleeping time have better memory and learn work more easily than people having inadequate sleep?

    Discussion Questions
    1) How long do you usually sleep? If you get about 8h speeling time, how do you feel? Do you have good memory? If you have inadequate spleep, why?
    2) Is it possible that you can get enough spleep if you have a lot of HW or hard work? Why? If your answe is NO, how should you get enough sleep?

    • Yui Kohno says:

      Hi Yuka. I like your comprehension questions because I can’t answer those questions without reading deeply, so they are good comprehension questions.:)
      I also want our teachers to read this article………

  5. Anna says:

    Hi,Tatsuya. I’m sorry for late reply.I enjoyed this article with great interest. Thank you very much! There are my vocabulary and questions.

    1) depression: a feeling of sadness, or medical a type of mental illness that causes long periods of unhappiness
    2) insomnia: the condition of being unable to sleep, over a period of time

    Comprehension Questions
    1) What will caused from inadequate sleep to children?
    2) What are the effects of too little sleep?

    Discussion Questions
    1) Do you do anything to sleep well? for example?
    2) Have you ever stayed all night to prepare for the exam? Was it effective? And, do you think it good for you?

  6. Tatsuya Yano says:

    I’m sorry for forgetting replies.
    Thank you for helping my reading circle!

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