RC#3- Group C (8:00)


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  1. Katsunori Sakuho says:

    Aloha, everyone!! I’ll be a leader for Reading Circle next week.
    Please read my article by next Tuesday. Have a happy weekend!!

    Is North Korea Preparing for Another Nuclear Test?

    (Article URL)

    (Comprehension Question)
    1. According to Analysts, what do they suggest what Pyonyang may be happening?
    2. How many times did North Korea conduct underground nuclear tests?

    (Discussion Question)
    1. If nuclear weapon is developed by North Korea, what do you think of it?
    2. What’s your impression about North Korea after reading this article?

    1. detonation : large or powerful explosion
    2. defiance : behaviour or an attitude which shows that you are not willing to obey someone

    • Hiroka Ueda says:

      I think this artice is good! Thank you for sharing this article with us. But, for me, it’s a little bit difficult:( I like your comprehension questions!

      • Katsunori Sakuhoo says:

        Aloha Hiroka,

        Thank you for reading my article and your opinion. There’re many article coming up with any my idea, I chose this article this time because TV and Newpaper report on the news of nuclear weapon in North Korea frequently all over the world. We recognize that the situation in North Korea is serious, so I’d like to hear your opinion about this article and I chose this article. Thank you so much, Hiroka.

    • Takuto Kawahara says:

      Hi Nori
      I like your second discussion question, but I want you to add this sentence for the question.
      What is your impression about North Korea BEFORE reading this article?

      • Mako Sakimoto says:

        Your suggestion is cool!
        I think both of your questions are good, so this could be more interesting:
        How has your impression about North Korea changed after reading this article?

      • Katsunori Sakuho says:

        Aloha Takuto,

        Thank you so much for your suggestion. Your suggestion is more interesting better than I thought. I didn’t think of ot before posting on my discussion question. I think we’ll be talking about these question at the Reading Circle!! Mahalo!!

      • MisatoK says:

        It looks interesting to discuss our impression when we feel BEFORE and AFTER reading each article as Takuto suggested *:)))

  2. Hiroka Ueda says:

    Comprehension Quetions
    1. What does the US say about North Korea?
    2. What is the other recent signs that North Korea intends to move forward with its nuclear weapons program?

    Discussion Questions
    1. Does the author think this nuclear test is imminent? Why or why not?
    2. Why do they try to do this kind of test many times?

    • Hiroka Ueda says:

      I’m sorry, I forgot to post vocabularies.

      1.imminent(adj) – likely to happenvery soon
      2. denuclearize(v) – to prohobit to arm with nuclear weapons

      • Katsunori Sakuhoo says:

        Aloha Hiroka,

        I like your Discussion Question 1. I’d like to hear your opinion at the Reading Circle. Thank you so much, Hiroka. Have a nice day!!

    • Takuto Kawahara says:

      Hi Hiroka
      I want to ask your second discussion question for North Korea’s leaders!

      • Katsunori Sakuho says:

        Aloha Hiroka,

        I’d like to hear your opinion for your discusson question 2. My opinion is exactly the same as Takuto!! Have a nice day. Mahalo.

    • MisatoK says:

      Hi Hiroka! I like your comprehension questions but i’m wondering your first discussion question is really good or not because i think it looks like comprehension question. If you have some intention about this discussion question, i’m glad that you would let me know:)))

      • Hiroka says:

        Thank you for your comment!
        I thought we can read deeply when we think about this question. But you’re right! It should be comprehension question. Thank you for your advice, Misato:)

  3. Takuto Kawahara says:

    Comprehension Question
    1:What did the analyst say about north Korea’s nuclear site?
    2:What did the research institution state about the site?

    Discussion Question
    1:Some people says “Japanese forces should have nuclear weapon or ability to attack some country’s base. Do you agree or disagree this statement? Why?

    1:satellite・・・・・a machine that has been sent into space and goes around the Earth, moon etc, used for radio, television, and other electronic communication:
    2:imminent・・・・an event that is imminent, especially an unpleasant one, will happen very soon

    • Mako Sakimoto says:

      I think your discussion question is really good, but actually you need to add one more.
      I’m looking forward to discussing this question all together!

    • Katsunori Sakuho says:

      Aloha Takuto,

      Your discussion question is so interesting. Certainly, some of people think of it and insist on the possession of nuclear weapons in Japan. If the Ministry of Defense possesses unclear weapons, how do you think that the possession of nuclear weapons have a powerful effects all over the world? I’d like to hear your opinion at the Reading Circle this Thursday. Have a nice day. Mahalo.

  4. Mako Sakimoto says:

    Comprehension Question
    1. What could be the reason for the new construction at Punggye-ri?
    2. What does the report on the institute’s blog warn?

    Discussion Question
    1. How could we stop North Korea? What could be some solutions?
    2. What do you think is the advantage of having nuclear weapons?

    1. mundane (adj) : ordinary and not interesting or exciting
    2. legitimate (adj) : fair or reasonable

    • Katsunori Sakuho says:

      Aloha Mako,

      Thank you for you advice for my discussion question. I think your suggestion and advice are so interesting. I didn’n think of these things before posting on my discussion qusestion.
      Mako, your discussion questions are so interesting, I’d like to hear your opinion at the Reading Circle this Thursday. Have a nice day, Mahalo!!

    • MisatoK says:

      I like your discussion questions! And i wonder why US try to stop the North has nuclear power in spite that US also has nuclear weapons and even has used nuclear against Japan twice during WW2.

  5. MisatoK says:

    Comprehension Questions
    1, What did Cedric Leighton say about new nuclear test?
    2, According to Bennett, what six party talks become unsuccessful?

    Discussion Questions
    1, If you were negotiator to the North, what would you say to the North?
    2,Why cannot we stop new nuclear?

    1, ventilation;to cause fresh air to enter and move around an enclosed space
    2, sanction; approval or permission

    • Katsunori Sakuho says:

      Aloha Misato,

      I like your discussion question. We’ll be talking about your question deeply during the Reading Circle!! Mahalo!!

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