Romanticism/Escapism Homework (8:00am)

Please choose one questions from our discussion questions for “The Third Level” and post one paragraph here. You must write a full paragraph and give me a deep and thoughtful answer. 10 lines minimum.


26 Responses to Romanticism/Escapism Homework (8:00am)

  1. Chikage Ota says:

    Everyone has stresses and problem. I think we cannot live without it. I think I am enjoying my life, but I have some stresses and problem such as studying and relationship. Then, I sometimes escape from them. Actually, I don’t like studying. So if I got too much homework, I got stress. But, relationship problem makes me more stress than studying. For example, my family was not good relationship. Now, we are really good relationship, but when I was junior high school student, my father and mother were fighting every day. I got stress. Because I am oldest in my brother and sister. I didn’t want my younger sister and brother to her about their fighting. I tried to stop fighting, it couldn’t stop. I was really sad. I didn’t want to go home every day, so I went out every day. My friend has similar experience. She started smoking and drinking because of their parent’s device. I think relationship stress is most painful stress in our life.

    • micahpexa says:

      Nice job, Chikage. Definitely we all have stress and problems. I hope you can find healthier ways of dealing with that stress than starting to smoke and drink like your friend. (A)

  2. Katsunori Sakuho says:

    I’ve always been worried about human relations between my boss, co-woker, subordinate, my clients and me all the time while working in Japan. I always feel exhausted during my business hour. We can’t avoid passing through the problems of human relations. As I was a middle-manager in previous company, I’m always exposed to troubles of human relations. Whenever I feel stressed out, I often go to the travel for my change. In my travel, I don’t decide where I go until I get to the airport, my taravel is always casual without any special plans. I’m enjoying my travel because I’m able to have many experience through my trip. My fovorite time while traveling is to eat local cuisine and to get touch of the culture each place. I always think it’s fun to learn something I didn’t know while traveling. Travel makes me forget all of things happened to me in my daily life. I like to travel very much because it’s the best way to escape from human relations and reality all the time.

    • micahpexa says:

      That’s a fun and healthy way to deal with your stress and escape all the drama. I like your idea of not making any plans beforehand. Just go with the flow and see what comes to you. Nice. (A)

  3. Princess_Haejin says:

    I tend to forget the stress I got before. Because I have some my own style of ways to get rid of the stress. First, playing game is the best way of escaping from reality. Especially, RPG game, which is role playing game is the best of best game genre for me. Players can take a role of character in fictional setting in the game, so we can be the rich or get a social position there. But the only drawback of this way is you might become a “Otaku”, people in Korea called “Gamtaku(Game+Otaku)”. To say it another way, if you are hooked on playing the RPG game, you might be isolated from real culture. But it’s an obvious way of escaping from reality.
    Second, watching some art blogs is also awesome way of relieving my stress. There are many creative artworks on their website. Whenever I find some creative person’s blogs, I feel very excited. And sometimes I try to talk to them by email. Try my own ways of escaping from reality!

    • micahpexa says:

      So are you a Gamtaku now? LOL! Yes, I have also been addicted to games in the past. I used to play an American football game a lot in Japan to escape and relax. Those art blogs sound really cool. The internet is such an awesome way of sharing creativity! (A)

  4. Q says:

    There are endless of “SHOULD” in our lives. As a student or teacher, as a daughter or son, as a worker or manager, as a mother or father, as a wife or husband, and as a friend or colleague, etc. These “should” bring me countless of duties and responsibilities. In other word, “What am I SUPPOSED TO DO for meeting their expectations ALL THE TIME?” Sometimes I cannot breathe.
    When I was a little kid, I thought that my problems might be a little bit more complicated or difficult than other people. But now I realized that all of human beings have similar kinds of problems during their journeys of lives. This is reason why majority of people can nod to some bestseller psychology books.
    Escaping cannot solve problems. But unconsciously, I look for a way of escaping. When I was young, I drank. After I started to work, I traveled. But now, I as a mom, ironically, because this is the way which I SUPPOSED TO DO, I’m more focusing on solving problems rather than escaping.
    I talk with older people. From them, I can learn their lifelong wisdom and knowledge. Since they can see more clearly my problems, giving me hints of solving problems.
    But occasionally, if the problem makes me think too much or it irritates me so much, I watch movies or sop operas. During watching, I just stop to think anything and try to give myself a little bit of break from depressing. ^.^*

    • micahpexa says:

      Yes, the obligations and responsibilities seem to grow as we get older, as does the stress. I think that is one reason why I stay single and don’t have any kids. I’m scared of that extra responsibility and stress. Keeping life simple. I like your idea of talking with older people who have more life experience to share. Definitely we would all like to be younger physically, but mentally, I don’t want to lose one day. We learn and grow so much each year and get better at dealing with life. Yea, TV shows help though. I am super addicted to “Breaking Bad” now. That’s like my escape world right now. LOL! (A)

  5. Melanie says:

    Escapism, I know exactly the meaning of that word. I am doing it right now. This trip to Hawai’i wasn’t just to learn english and having new experiences. I felt like that I needed space from everyone and everything back in Switzerland. I want something that changes in my life, and through this trip, I am hoping to find it out. I was tired of the same things and being stressed in my town. I know that it’s almost everywhere like that. I just want that people stop asking me about my future (ex. work) and giving m their personal opinion about how am I handling that and what should do instead. I couldn’t listen to them anymore. Also the mentality in that country is so restricted, many people don’t have an open-mind as they do here. The thing that I cannot regret, though, is the place and my friends back in Switzerland. I couldn’t ask for more. My country has mountains and lakes in the same spot, and, everything is very near from each other.
    However, talking about my escape from my normal life…I feel that I didn’t have enough, I need more time, new places to visit. Unfortunately, this is not possible, at least now. There is a great job attending me back home. I am just worried after finishing that job, since is a six-month full-time job, that I have in mind just ONE idea for my future. For one idea, I mean, applying to the sport university of Switzerland. The entering exam is extremely hard, where just 10 % of the people that try it out, enter this school. It’s a physical exam. My dream is to become a sport instructor. If I don’t get in this school, I am lost, and now I don’t have any plan B. This is the reason that I want to escape from everything. I am scared.

    • micahpexa says:

      That sounds like a high-pressure exam/life goal to enter that program. Yes, I can imagine that it is really scary and stressful. I would feel that way too. I would say give that problem to life and let life handle that one. If you believe that everything flows and works out somehow for the best in the long run, then you can let go of that fear and pressure. If you are meant to go there, then you will get there. Work hard for it and give it your best shot. But if somehow you don’t make it in there, then that was for the best too. We say you are “protected by your rejections”. This means that if you get rejected, life was just protecting you from a bad situation, and leading you to a better one. Other doors will open that you can’t even imagine now. So enjoy your time here in Hawaii, have as many awesome life experiences as possible, and let the future be whatever it will be, trusting that it will all be for the best. (A)

  6. Nabeshima Ryuji says:

    “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” means something that you say you say which means that other people always seem to be in a better situation than you, although they may not be. For example, My friend, Genki, is a very smart boy and always gets an A. On the other hand, I am not good at studying. I envy him and I want t be like him. However, he also envies me. He said that he had never been able to have a life because of studying and if he hets less than an A, people freak out like he gets a F. He may gets an A, but with all the pressure on him. I never looked at it that way. And then I thought that it was ture that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. My romanticism is now. Now I miss Japan, but I know that when I come back to Japan, I miss Hawai’i.

    • micahpexa says:

      Ha! Exactly! You never know what is going on in someone else’s life/mind/world. It can so often look so good from the outside, but if you see the inside then it can be a totally different story. A lot of people climb the ladder for work, to get a better position and more money. But that also comes with more stress and responsibility. So does that better position really make them happy, or are they just making other people happy, like their family or society who says they are now “successful”? “The grass is greener where we water it”. Do your best with your own situation and try to make a happy life for yourself right here right now. (A)

  7. Masaki Matsumoto says:

    Certainly, we feel stress and have some problem in reality. I think stress can be warn us to change our life style. It is important for us to get ability to deal with our stress. One of my way of escaping from stress is that I don’t think it deep, as it were, ”forget”. If we pay much attention to our problem when this problem is bad, our situation and problem worsen more and more. So I always do something which is not concerned with our problem. For example, I go shopping , playing sports hang out with friends etc. The way of forgetting is up to individual. I think it is also effective way to resolve problem we face. It is truth that confronting problem by ourself is so hard. It cause us to feel much stress. Therefore I often consult with friend or intimate teacher about our problem. It leads for us to succeed and remove stress.

    • micahpexa says:

      That’s an interesting perspective. Don’t overthink our problems. Just try to forget about them and let things flow. I saw a quote recently that said “You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather”. So just relax and wait for sunnier weather. It think you have a positive mental approach to life. (A)

  8. Takuto Kawahara says:

    When I am feeling some stress, I have many way to escape from reality of myself. First one is playing the piano. It is one of the best way for me to escape from all kind of stress because I like to play the piano very much. When I play my favorite or hard musics with piano, I am so fun. Second way is watching TV. When I can not play the piano such as now, I am always watching TV to decrease my stress. But I think some TV programs can not decrease my stress because there are some tough programs in the TV programs, for example documentary, drama except comedy and so on. So, if I want to escape my stress, I see comedy TV or TV variety shows every time. Third way is playing sports with my friend or family. I like to play some kinds of sports. So it is a good way for me, but sometime it has some risk to increase my stress. When I play sports, I can refresh my mind. But if I take a good beating, maybe I feel new stress. Thus, playing sports has some problem for me to remove stress.

    • micahpexa says:

      Haha! You sound like a very competitive person. Yea, I don’t like to lose either when I play sports. That can increase stress. But maybe in a good way, since you are exercising at the same time, so it is healthy. TV and music are great ways to let go of your stress. Right now I am totally addicted to a show called “Breaking Bad.” It is my alternate reality to escape to after work. (A)

  9. Mako Sakimoto says:

    I’m interested in trying to survive one month silent meditation retreat with no escape from myself. This is because I want to escape from reality and I have to examine myself. Before I came to Hawaii, I sometimes felt like escaping from reality. When I was in Japan, I was teaching children at a clam school. As a teacher, I had to plan everything to teach by myself. I had to prepare enough for class before teaching and review what I taught even after teaching. This task was usually too much for me, so I felt the strong pressure. This is why I want to escape from reality. Next, I have to examine myself. I’m always blinded by materialistic desires. I’m carried away by a sudden impulse and want many things such as cloths and so on. Once I’m attracted to something, I’m not satisfied until I get it. After I get it, I always regret wasting too much money. So I have to control myself and give up sticking to many things. Also, I’m exhausted from using social network services such as Facebook or Twitter and so on. I don’t like these kinds of things, but I got into the habit of checking them many times a day. Even when I’m not free, such as in class or eating, I’m liable to check them. I know this is so stupid, but I’m addicted to them. So I want to live without the Internet and get over this bad habit. That’s why I want to try to survive one month silent meditation retreat.

    • micahpexa says:

      Wow, nice. Actually, I don’t think a meditation retreat is an escape at all. I think it is the most real thing you will ever do! And probably the most difficult. But I agree, it sounds like a great challenge and a great opportunity to really examine yourself. I also sometimes waste money shopping, or spend too much time on Facebook, etc. Yea, it is nice to get away from all that crazy stuff and quiet your mind. But that is hard in our busy lives. That’s why people have to travel somewhere like Thailand to do these retreats. You should plan that. But going hiking and spending some quiet time in nature is also a nice way to get away from the world. (A)

  10. ayuka0919 says:

    I think there are many healthy and unhealthy ways to escape from reality. First, healthy ways are to move body: sports and exercise. For examples, running or walking outside around the house, going gym and use machine or something, running and swimming. Singing is also healthy way to escape. I often do it in my room or go to karaoke with my friends. Other examples that we don’t mover body are sleeping, listening to the music, and so on. I often sleep when I get in bad situation, stress. It takes time but it is good way to organize memory and remover bad thinking. And music makes us forget about many things at only that time. When we listen, we only focus on the music.
    On the other hand, there are a lot of unhealthy ways to escape from reality. When we get trouble and feel stress, we want to do something bad for examples drinking alcohol or smoking, or drugs. These are bad for health. About eating food, moderate quantity is good, but people often likely to eat too much to relieve the stress. I know the feeling but I’m sure I will get fat. So I always fight with my appetite because of stress. However, it could be healthy. Once you realize the fact you will be fat if you would keep eating because of stress, the fact will be another stress. So you start exercises to lose weight. This is good. And back to unhealthy ways, watching TV and do TV games are also bad for eye. A little bit is OK, it’s good way to refresh. But too much watching monitor is bad for eyesight and nerve. So you should stop.

    • micahpexa says:

      Yes, everything in moderation. Food is a difficult one for me. That’s why I’m fat. LOL! I cannot eat just a little bit of something. I always eat a huge bowl of ice cream, for example. It is stress relief. But so unhealthy. Yea, it is important to eat a better diet and exercise more. I find it hard to make time to exercise after working all day. I used to join an exercise class at Ala Moana park, 3 days a week at 5:30am. That was difficult but so healthy. I heard in Saudi Arabia that they have many gyms for the employees, and you can hire a personal trainer. I might try to do that. So which do you do more? The healthy or unhealthy forms of escape? (A)

  11. PLAI says:

    At first, I didn’t fully understand the meaning of the term “escapism” since there is no similar word or term in the Thai language. After talking to many friends I began to understand the meaning after they give me many examples of how they escape from those situations that they wanted to avoid. Once i began to understand the meaning of “escapism” I thought about my life and how i “escape” from stressful situations.
    When I have to finish my homework I tend to delay finishing it by going on my phone, I always spend a lot of time on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Email, etc. I spend so much time facebooking, twittering, Instagramimg, emailing, that i often have no time left to finish my homework. So i realize now that i have been avoiding the stress of completing my homework by “escaping” on my phone. Hopefully now that i realize what i have been doing, I will not escape into my internet world and social network and face the reality of my real world.

    • micahpexa says:

      Yea, that’s a common escape for many people in the world right now. Social media. I am often on Facebook, and sometimes I waste time when I need to be working. It’s tough. But it is good to be aware of your problem and why you escape that way. That is the first important step to controlling it and finding healthier ways to relax and relieve stress. (A)

  12. Misato Kuzuba says:

    I think meditation is very very good way to think myself deeply. I have experience that I think about myself deeply and get successful in Hawaii. When I was in Japan, my life was faster than in Hawaii. My schedule book was uptight to do something to work, meet people and go somewhere. And also when I have time, I was always using smart phone, listening music, playing video game and watching TV. I’d felt I wanted to shut everything out of mind at times. Now I am in Hawaii and feel life is slow. I don’t have TV, video games and full time internet connection. The bus doesn’t come on time. There is nothing to do without hearing sounds surrounding me. Then I think of myself. I think what I really want to do, the things surrounding me and how I feel about that. At that time, I can find what decide to do in my mind and see direction I want to go. So I think through meditation people, especially busy person, can find what they really think in their mind.

    • micahpexa says:

      Interesting. “Turn a negative into a positive”. That’s really good. A lot of people complain about the slow bus or no internet, etc., seeing it as a negative think. But you are turning that around and finding the positive in it, and using it as a chance to think about yourself. Yea, being “busy” can definitely be a drug. Often people keep their lives so full, that they have no time to think about themselves at all. This is one form of escape. It’s nice that you have the free time now to relax and have a slower life. The challenge will be to keep this slower, happier pace when you go home! (A)

  13. Hiroka Ueda says:

    “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” We have a proverb which has same meaning in Japan. It means sometimes we envy someone who can do well something than us. I had an experience which I felt this when I see SNS like facebook. Since I come to Hawaii, I really miss Japan. Now I want to go back to Japan even though I love Hawaii. One of the reasons is because I want to meet my friends and hang out with them. One day, when I checked facefook, I saw my friend’s post. I saw a picture which my old and really good friends hanged out. I really wanted to join them, and the post made me sad. Then, I took the class about romanticism, and I realized that I was really romanticized! Before the class, I really wanted to go back home, and I didn’t want to study English anymore. However, now I’m motivated to study because I could realize I don’t have enough time to study in a beautiful place, Hawaii. Actually, I appreciate the class which taught me the idea of romanticism. It encouraged me.

    • micahpexa says:

      I’m glad to hear that this topic encouraged you. Romanticism is human nature. We all do it. But it is good to be aware of it and know that we are doing it. It helps us to “be here now” and appreciate what we have and how lucky we really are. It’s so easy to run to the next location to escape current problems. But then after the excitement wears off, new problems exist in the new location. Yea, time is short. Enjoy your last few weeks in Hawaii. But know that this does not have to be your last adventure. You are young. Spend your 20s building new experiences and having lots of adventures. Study abroad, working holiday visas, volunteer overseas (JICA), travel, etc. This Hawaii trip is just the beginning, not the end. (A)

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