Romanticism/Escapism Homework (9:05am)

Please choose one questions from our discussion questions for “The Third Level” and post one paragraph here. You must write a full paragraph and give me a deep and thoughtful answer. 10 lines minimum.


19 Responses to Romanticism/Escapism Homework (9:05am)

  1. Nishijima Kazuhiro says:

    “The grass is always greener on the other side of fence” means people always think like that the other person’s thing or ability is better than their owns even if the item is almost same; for example, children want to new things, like toy or goods for sports, if they have already had a same items. I have a experience like that. I always feel jealous for that other person has a lot of friends. Of course, I have already have many good friends, but I go out want other person’s relationship. Actually, I don’t join the University community in Japan now because I have a work that I am a coach of volleyball club in my old High School. I know, It’s nice experience for me. But when I see my friend enjoy the circle activity, I become to want the community like that. I don’t know this is romanticism, but I always think other person’s life is better than me. Actually, my friends also have a problem or stresses in their life. But I always look to the good side of their life.

    • micahpexa says:

      You never know another man’s troubles until you walk a mile in his shoes. Probably many of your friends look at your life in Hawaii and feel jealous too. Of course Hawaii is a great place, but you also have stress, homework, problems, etc. I just saw a sign the other day on the north shore that said “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Very true. It’s hard, but it’s best to just make the best of our own situations. (A)

  2. Rina Takeshita says:

    Question#3: What are you escaping from? What stresses/problems/situations/insecurities/ unhappinesses make you want to escape?

    I often feel stresses or have problems about school, friends, family and part-time job. When I fall into such difficult situations, I really want to escape from those insecurities. Also, I sometimes get tired of ordinary life and want to have more exciting life. I think it is very romanticism. For example, in school, when I have a lot of assignments, I want to escape from them. However, if I can be free from those things, I would think busy life is better than lazy days. Moreover, if I have some problems among friends and want to be away from them for a while, I would feel alone and want to talk or hang out with them again. I know it is romanticism, and if I can escape from those stresses for a little bit, I would have problems again. However, it often happens to everyone, and we have own ways to escape from reality. In my case, I usually go to watch movies or listen to favorite music in order to escape from unhappinesses. When I do such things, I can only concentrate on dream, not reality. Besides the problems of school and friends, I usually feel stresses about my job and family. When I work part-time, my boss observes and sometimes scolds me. Even if I do not make a mistake, my boss tells me something annoying. That makes me irritated. In addition, sometimes I want to be alone and escape from even my family. They suggest me many plans, but I want to decide by myself. Of course I love my family, but sometimes they make me confused about my future plan. As mentioned above, I have a lot of things that I want to escape from. Although there are many different ways to escape from reality, I think it is difficult to find the best way to do that.

    • micahpexa says:

      Whatever you do in life, you need to follow your own heart and make your own decisions. You are the one who needs to live each and every day with the decisions you make, not your family. Family will often be upset at first with decisions you make if they do not agree with them. But later they always get used to everything and come to accept your choices. It just takes time. Follow your heart. But yes, movies are a great way to escape for a while. Right now I am addicted to the TV show “Breaking Bad”. That is a wonderful escape from reality every night after work! (A)

  3. Ayaka Wada says:

    I often become want to escape when I am busy or having problems but I have some ways to escape. One of my best way to escape from reality or problems is listening music. It is because I love listening to music and while I am listening to music, I do not think about my real lives or problems but also feel music or lyrics. Also when I want to escape and listen to music, I can choose cheerful or fight song to be positive. Moreover, I can do this even if I am busy, because there are enough time to do it when I am on the train to head to school or home. Another way is watching movies or reading books. It is because I like those and I can absorb in the stories and escape from thinking about my problems or real lives. Though sometimes these take time so I cannot do it when I am busy. Eating sweets is one of the way too. I love eating sweets and there are many sweets, snacks or ice creams at my home so it is very easy way to escape. Also when I see someone eat sweets, I become want to have some too. However I know if I eat too much, it is bad for health. There are three ways to escape from thinking about problems or real lives. I know some is not good ways but these are the best ways for me.

    • micahpexa says:

      OMG! Yes, eating sweets is definitely one of my escapes too! That’s why I’m fat! LOL! So hard to resist, and I can’t just eat a little bit. I need a HUGE bowl of ice cream, not just one scoop. Not such a healthy escape though. Movies and books are a great escape too. I started to read a really good book recently, but then I started watching the TV show “Breaking Bad”, so now I stopped reading the book because the TV show is sooo addictive! haha! (A)

  4. shino kawaguchi says:

    I don’t usually feel stress too much. Because I don’t care anytinig too much. But sometimes I feel stress, that is pressure of study….. I don’t like studying. I look back on my life, everytime I feel stress is when I have to study. I have some solution. first, eating too much, especially sweets. But this is not good for health, actually I get tgain weight everytime. Second, singing alone in my house. But I can’t do this recently, because I moved my house. If I was singing, it’ll be noisy for everyone, that’s why I can’t. So what is the best solution for me? That’s meeting someone and talking with them. Someone is friend, boyfriend, family or something to my close. The best solution is to let all my stress.

    • shino kawaguchi says:

      question 1 ↑

    • micahpexa says:

      That’s good that you don’t feel too much stress. There is a balance between caring enough to do a good job, and not caring too much to get stressed out. It’s a difficult balance. Yea, I have the same weakness for sweets. Not healthy at all, but so hard to stop! Great idea to meet friends though. Very important to have people to share your life with. That’s why I enjoy Facebook so much- great way to keep in touch with so many different people around the world. (B) (less than 10 lines)

  5. TATSUYA YANO says:

    Question 5

    The first question’s answer of mine is NO. First, I was filled with wonder why some guys tried to do like silent meditation retreat with no escapes from own thoughts ,feelings and emotions. In my opinion, people usually escape from those things without consciousness because they live in the human society.I mean that people try to endure a difficult situation. For example, people sometimes don’t say what they really want to say because of a difficult situation,especially Japanese. It’s not escapism because they have to do so to live in the human society, I think. Let me explain the easy example. Smoking cigarets or drinking alcohol is easy to escape from ourselves.However, there are a lot of people to do like that. They smoke not to escape from own thoughts,feeling or emotions but to live with others. Forgive me for being exaggeratedly,but I think that it means escapism to escape from those things. Therefore, I would not be interested in trying something like that and I don’t want to do like that forever.

    • micahpexa says:

      Interesting. So you think that drinking and smoking, etc are ways to cope with real life, and something like a meditation retreat is the actual escape from reality. That’s an interesting perspective. But isn’t there some strength in learning how to cope with daily reality and stresses without having to drink and smoke? To develop the inner strength to deal with those challenges just by yourself- without any vices? I like your perspective, but I would argue that a meditation retreat may help a person to develop the strength to handle life without needing so many vices. Your thoughts? (A)

  6. yuka says:

    Q5.Do you think you could survive a one month silent mediation retreat with no escapes from yourself or your own thoughts/ feelings/ emotions? Would you be interested in trying something like this?

    I want to try a silent meditation retreat because of knowing the inside of myself. I think that if I try to survive it, I might notice some tips for my happiness and a mission that I was born. I might also obtain some skills: analysis, patience, solution.

    First of all, it is analytic skill. I want to look objectively my action and consideration when I am cornered and do not have escaping place.

    The second skill is patience. I want to know whether I forget my purpose why I join the meditation retreat and give up the limited life or not. The result shows strength of my will. At the same time, it trains my mental.

    Finally, it is problem solving ability. For instance, when I find what I am worrying about, how to solve it becomes useful in my future life, such as my job and relationship with the others.

    In sum, to spend time at the silent meditation retreat is the most suitable place where I reconsider my own self. I think even though we do not go there, we do not escape from ourselves. Of course, we have a lot of tools which we can flee from realistic, but we surely face realistic problem some days. Then, the happiness never visits us if we would continue to run away from reality forever.

    • micahpexa says:

      I agree. A retreat like that would be so interesting in terms of learning a lot about ourselves. We are generally so busy with life that we never have time to do that. I think we keep busy to avoid thinking too much about ourselves and discovering any unhappiness or pain. I would like to take on the challenge of spending time with myself like that. I mean, right now I really enjoy time alone, but I am usually watching a movie, reading a book, using the internet, etc. So that is not really true alone time. I still have distractions and escapes. It is on my bucket list. One day I will travel to Thailand and do it. But I expect it to be hard- probably the hardest thing I have ever done. (A)

  7. Kaiko Arai says:

    No. 5
    When I feel that I need to escape from realism is mostly I do not have free. Also when I feel that I cannot do that because it is over my capacity. Then, if I cannot escaping, I will be really bad condition. I am sure that I will not be able to feel happy even when I should be if I were in bad condition. Escaping is the way to feel free, but also the way to have fun for me. It means that if i cannot escaping, my fun time going to be decrease. Therefore, my answer for this question is ” NO “. I cannot bear and be happy without escaping. Of course escaping is not the only one way to be happy and be free, but it is important for me. Then I need to escape from my real life sometimes. I need to sleep to feel free, I need to go shopping with my friend to be happy and so on. These are my escaping ways. To sum up, I do not want to try the life that I cannot escaping.

    • micahpexa says:

      I also do many things to escape and have fun. We all do. But the question is, “What are we escaping from?” and “What is so bad about our own self that we so desperately need to escape from it?” If we are truly happy inside, then we can be happy either alone or with friends or anytime, right? So what are we escaping from? I think this would be an interesting questions to think about during a meditation retreat for a few weeks. (A)

  8. Yui Kohno says:

    Q1. Tell your partner/group a few different ways that you escape from reality/escape from yourself.

    My ways to escape from reality or myself are talking to my siblings a lot, watching movies, and sleeping. I have two sisters and one brother. When I have a stress and I want to escape from it, I talk to my siblings. I don’t need to think when I talk to them. I can say what I think and what I want to say. We always talk and laugh. And, watching movie is also good way to escape from something. I like action movies and love stories, especially, love stories which I can be moved to tears. That refreshes me, and after I watched movies, I feel better. In addition to talk to my siblings and watch movies, sleeping is really important for me to escape from reality or myself. When I have a problem or an anxiety, I go to bed earlier than usual. Because I don’t have to think anything, and also I don’t need to do anything while I am sleeping. These are good ways for me to escape from reality or escape from myself.

    • micahpexa says:

      Those are quite healthy ways of escaping reality. Especially sleeping. So much of our stress comes from not having enough sleep. Then all our problems get bigger and bigger. It’s just exhaustion. Our brains need sleep to process all of our emotions. How many hours a night do you sleep? I love to get at least 8, but usually I can get only 7 on the weekdays. (A)

  9. Anna Kakimoto says:

    Q3. Which of these escapes do you consider healthy? Which are unhealthy? For the unhealthy ones, what might be a healthier alternative?

    I escape from studying English. When I get stressed out, I go out drinking with my friends. Though we drink a lot, we don’t have much money. So, we usually go for a drink during happy hour. Drinking beer makes me feel better. Also, alcohol makes me forget the bad things. That’s why I always drink too much in a bar. However, too much drinking is bad for our health. I should find a healthier alternative. I think hiking may be a healthier way. Last week, I went hiking with my friends. It was hard, but I really enjoyed hiking. I lack exercise, so, hiking is good exercise for me. Also, hiking doesn’t cost money. Hiking is healthy and cheap. That is exactly two birds with one stone! From now on, I’ll go hiking every weekend. But, I think I can’t quit going for a drink, because I like drinking. I’ll try not to over drink.

    • micahpexa says:

      Everything in moderation. Balance is key. I think it is important to have more healthy escapes like hiking. And if you can balance your life with a few drinks occasionally, then that can be fine too. I am bad at moderation with many things, like food for example. That’s why I quit drinking alcohol when I was 19 years old. I can’t moderate it well, and I wanted to develop some healthier escapes. (A)

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