13 Responses to Takuto

  1. Melanie says:

    Takuto, even if haven’t talked a lot in class, I think you are a very gentle and kind person. Hope you enjoyed your staying here on this island.

  2. Mako Sakimoto says:

    Every time we discuss together in class, I always admire your awesome attitude.
    You always have a firm opinion. Also you are really good at expressing it in your own words.
    I was so surprised to know that you were younger than me because you are much smarter and more reliable than me!!
    You always do your best to achieve your goal.
    I really respect you for having a clear goal.
    I’m fortunate to meet such a nice friend! I hope you have a great time wherever you are in the future!

  3. Katsunori Sakuho says:

    You’re always doing your best to achieve your goal! Since I met you, Your attitude is deeply impressed in my heart. Since I met you, I’m able to learn many things, such as English, Japanese history and lots of things I didn’t know. You inspire me for your attitude all the time. I believe that your dream will be coming true near future. Good luck to you Takuto!!

  4. Princess_Haejin says:

    I felt you have a lot of knowledge when I was in same team work. And also I felt you talking a serious at every team work with you was so cute. You have a great charm!

  5. micahpexa says:

    Takuto- It’s been great having you in the class and getting to know you. I think you are a really intelligent guy with a lot of great ideas. When you get into your field in a US university, I know you will really excel and be one of the best! Thank you for all your hard work. Best of luck in your future. Aloha.

  6. Hiroka Ueda says:

    I think you are intelligent and have a lot of knowledge. We are the same group in the reading circle and discussed verious topics. I felt you and I often had oppsite oppnions. It was interesting for me, though. I learned a lot from you. I’m glad to meet you here. Also, you are really gentle to others. It’s really nice to meet you, Takuto!

  7. Q says:

    Do you know? A guy who can play piano is so sexy. I strongly believe that bunch of girls will line up for being your sweetheart.

  8. Nabeshima Ryuji says:

    You have a wealth of knowledge. When we worked at Palolo together, you taught me a lot of things. And also you are good at playing a piano.

  9. ayuka0919 says:

    You have guts. I respect you chasing a huge dream.
    And you know a lot of things that I don’t know.
    I’d like to talk about that again with you!

  10. PLAI says:

    i didn’t talk with you a lot. but i remember i read your essay in reading class. i really like you thinking. and you so cute ^^. nice too meet you boy.

  11. Masaki Matsumoto says:

    Hi, I always sit next to you, so I often talk with you. I respect you are so smart regardless your young age. You have a lot of knowledge about everything, especially aviation. So you helped me when I can’t understand class or homework. You are kind and smart boy!!

  12. MisatoK says:

    Takuto- You have a lot of knowledge despite that you are young. And I was so impressed you decided to go to foreign university though it was not usual and tough way.

  13. Chikage Ota says:

    Hi, I don’t know about you very much, but I think you have a large stock of knowledge. you told me many things about Arizona and something like that. I like it and i want to know about you!

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