11 Responses to Tatsuya

  1. Rina Takeshita says:

    Dear Tatsuya:)
    My first impression of you was a little bit worse, but you are really kind and smarter than I expected! lol You always work hard and have very confidence about everything. I was very surprised because you have very broadened sight. You can be a famous person for the future!haha I’m looking forward to seeing you on TV lol

  2. Ami says:

    Tetsuya is…actually I don’t really talk to him. I just recognize he is good conversation with his many friends because of his character. the thing is he is funny person.

  3. micahpexa says:

    Tatusya- Honestly, I have been super impressed with your improvement this term. When you came back from the term-break, you dyed your hair back to black and you told me that it was because you wanted to change and be a serious student. You have definitely done that. You have a really strong English ability, and when you focus your energy and efforts, you do amazing work. I have seen you put a lot of effort and passion into the Reading Circles this term, and just give an overall great effort. Such an improvement from last term. Keep going!!! With this kind of effort, Tatsuya, you really can accomplish anything that you want to do. I have seen you mature a lot during this time, and I am really impressed. Keep in touch. Aloha.

  4. Lee Hye Young says:

    I don’t really know him but I like he looks so freely, honest and fun. And I think he is really smart guy. Also he is fasionable.

  5. Kaiko Arai says:

    Tatsuyaaaaaa ;)) you are such a lazy like meeeeee lol but you are good boy. when i had problem, you always try to help me :)) and black hair is cool kkk

  6. Nishijima Kazuhiro says:

    Tatsuya, I like your lifestyle! You are so free. Actually you are shallow, but you are friendly, and funny. Also, you are so kind. you gave me a lot of advice when we do peer review. Of course, you are so cool man, so keep in touch after go back Japan!

  7. Shino Kawaguchi says:

    yanopon! I like your hair than before! and now I know you are actually really smart! sorry I didn’t know that.haha and actually you are very kind and gentle,

  8. Anna Kakimoto says:

    You are stylish and fun. Especially, I like your obake(ghost?) T-shirt. And thank you for coorperating with me. Thanks to you, the reading circle was really interesting. Good luck with your studies, job hunting and everything:-)

  9. Yui Kohno says:

    Hi Tatsuya!
    I think you are really good person. When you peer my essay or do some group works together, you always give me many comments and advice. Thank you so much! And also, I like your handwriting. You have good and a neat handwriting:)

  10. Ayaka Wada says:

    i think you are very good students because you try to participate in the classes and make classes fun or interesting. and also i think you are making efforts so much and you are good at English;)

  11. yuka says:

    Hi Tatsuya,
    I appreciate that you always try to make a fanny atmosphere in our class. I really like that you’re considerate of the others’ feelings. you’re also my Tabaco friend:) Take care our health:p lol

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